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Employ Northwest (previously Orient Staffing Solutions) is currently seeking a qualified and experienced Lab Technician to fill the position of Phlebotomist for the 18th Medical Group (MDG), Kadena AB, Japan. The ideal candidates possess a high school diploma or equivalent; a Phlebotomy Certification and two (2) years of phlebotomy experience.

Employ Northwest is a veteran and nurse owned family business that specializes in finding the right person to work within the United States Federal Government. Our primary commitment to our employees is to offer competitive wages and benefits that will allow you to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.


  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent

  • Certifications: Phlebotomy Certification (required) through a nationally accredited agency

  • Experience: at least 2 years of experience in performing phlebotomy services to different types of patients included (but not limited to) children (8 months and older), adults, and Geriatric patients.

  • BLS: Current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS). Maintained at no expense to the government.

  • Language Requirements: The candidates shall be proficient in understanding (reading, speaking, listening, and writing) English. They shall be capable of effectively communicating with patients and MTF staff. Knowledge of medical terminology is required.

  • Immunizations: Before start of work, health care workers shall provide proof of immunization from the following diseases according to CDC guidelines: Hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and influenza. The RN shall also provide proof of a negative TB skin test within 12 months (if positive, proof of negative chest X-ray within 12 months) prior to start of work. After start of work, the Government will provide post blood borne exposure protocols according to applicable AFIs.

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