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We are Changing our Name...

Orient Staffing
Solutions (OSS)
is becoming
Employ Northwest

Why the name change?

If you read "Our Story" then you'll hear about our humble beginnings and how Orient Staffing Solutions was started while we were living overseas in Okinawa, Japan. Our first contract was awarded to us at Kadena Air Base, and from the beginning, our primary market has been military bases throughout Japan. At the time, Orient Staffing Solutions made scenes. However, as we continue to broaden our focus into other market places and government agencies, then it became evident that a new name should be considered. 

Now that we are back in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Oregon, we wanted to choose a name that both represented our home as well as what we do. Since our mission is to recruit and employ the best qualified candidates to fill medical and administrative positions for both the government and private sector, we settled on Employ Northwest. But rest assured that, as our customer, you will continue to receive the very best customer service that has built our reputation over the years through Orient Staffing Solutions. 

  Keith Robbins. Founder & Co-owner
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